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Rocksteady Arkham City Community Event – Lowdown

For the past week or so Batmans faithful butler Alfred has been rewarding us on the Alfredatyourservice.co.uk website with clues, riddles and freebies, The most sought after of which were invites to an exclusive Rocksteady community event celebrating the launch of the quite stunning Batman: Arkham City. WarpedGamer was one of around 50 lucky attendees to this event and here for all those not fortunate enough to have claimed an invite is a little insight into exactly what went down.

The venue - None other than Warner HQ in London, 9:30am the attendees shuffle through to the private executive lounge and screening rooms, Welcomed by the awesome team from Rocksteady and our “hostess with the mostest” Sarah, The Rocksteady Community Manager. We are surrounded by Arkham balloons, Themed cupcakes and best of all Devious alcohol fuelled icepops.

We were led into the exectutive 100 seat cinema and there were several gasps as we saw Arkham City displayed up on the cinema screen in all its majesty,  And glorious it looked and never failed to stun with the game taking full advantage of that screen and its fantastic surround sound. Sarah gave us all a brief but informative chat about the game and the team behind it, Introductions all round and then handed over to each department to give us a personal guide through the games mechanics, animations, concept art and quite a funny insight into the motion capture techniques used and how Manly men became Poison ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn.

Without doubt though the guy most of us gamers looked up to as if he were god himself was Higgins, The QA tester for the game and surely one of the most envied employees at Rocksteady. This man, this Titan achieved 4 Million(yes you read that right) points in the jokers challenge map in Arkham City, To put that in perspective the top player today got 66’000

Intersperced throughout the day were ample opportunities to practice combat on the Joker Challenge map for a competition to win one of three Special Edition sets of the game  and one of five special posters signed by the team behind the game. Words cannot describe how useless I now felt, Standing amongst giants, I bashed the buttons as if life depended on it in practice for the competition, alas this was to no avail my 17’000 points (as Catwoman I may add) were no match for the top guys there, the leader had 66’000 points, Well done to all those guys!

Sadly all to soon it was time to leave the event, But we all left with the knowledge that Rocksteady is a company that cares about its productions, The levels of detail and passion about the game shone through, The well deserved pride in creating a simply sublime world in which gamers can “become” The Dark Knight was always paramount to these guys, And the willingness to participate with their players, their community, really showed exactly how proud they were to call this game their own.

A huge thank you to all the guys at Rocksteady for making this event the fantastic day it was, It was great to see you all and massive thanks to Sarah for the organisation and dedication to the game…….and the alcoholic ice pops

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