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Motorstorm RC – A quick Review

The Motorstorm series has long been a huge Playstation stalwart, offering excellent gameplay, Impressive visuals and most of all, out-and-out car wrecking racing havoc filled fun. The latest offering Motorstrom RC will not disappoint.

Developed primarily for the outstanding PsVita handheld but also functioning just as superbly on the PS3, MS RC propels you headlong into just about the most addictive little racer since the Micro Machines games.

We all know how great the Motorstorm games of old have been, But in developing this little beauty for the PsVita/PS3 combo Evolution have made this version into a micro machines style top down racer.

While the controls are easy and basic, left stick to steer, Right stick for acceleration, the visuals are a treat for the eyes especially on the Vita’s OLED screen. The cars are well detailed (although somewhat small) and they fit the track perfectly. The effects in-game are also quite good, dust flying,tire marks and crashes look great.

The game’s goal is to get round any one of the several tracks in various events setting times and sharing amongst your friends, although there is no online mode as such. There is however a feature to upload your times and “ghost cars” to race indicating your friends times and speeds. This brings a must do competitive element to an already addictive game, You will lose hours on this.

Should beating your friends times not be your forte the game has a rather excellent little “playground” where you can drive around in any of your RC cars, performing tricks and stunts in a ramp and obstacle filled area.

The in-game options and menus are easy to navigate  using the sticks or the touchscreen on the Vita and well presented. The soundtrack to the game is also great and will have you whacking in your headphones and listening to the quite frankly superb music and sound effects which help bring the game to life.

Motorstorm RC is launched for the unbelievable price of £4.79 on PSN, a price that will not only get you the PS Vita title, but the PS3 version too. For the price its a damn lot of game for one system but the fact it plays on the ps3 and PsVita makes this a must buy for either or for both.

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