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Modern Warfare 3 Strategy Guide – Review

These days when a game is released, if it’s a sure-fire winner then Bradygames guides aren’t far behind it, In fact in the case of MW3 the guide appeared on my desk before the game did. And as usual the guide is more in-depth than any website could hope to be and is THE must have book if you want to get through the main campaign ensuring you have every achievement, trophy and collectible item.

The MW3 strategy guide for PS3,Xbox and PC is the only Official licensed guide to the game, and in pretty much the same vein as the Batman guide we recently showcased, it really is true to form, giving you every bit of intel on the weapons, maps and tactics you will need. Yes there are new websites and the like popping up showing you the ways and means to get the game beat, but yet again my advice is get this guide. You don’t want to be faffing around finding sections when you can just have it open right in front of your eyes. Plus it looks kinda sweet and I’m a sucka for gaming merchandise.

As with all Bradygames guides its got a quality feel about it and is crammed with hints,tips and character bio’s as well as full game mapping and details of every trophy, achievement and mission. As mentioned there are breakdowns of every weapon not only showing you the best set up’s but also giving you invaluable info on which weapon is best for which situation, all in all its a great guide for the MW3 soldier.

The book has dedicated single player and multiplayer guides, I gave the guide to a Non gamer and sat them in front of the screen and as is testament to the thoroughness of the product It guided the aforementioned “noob” through the first 6 levels without any issue, But let’s get to the nitty-gritty, This isn’t just for  johnny no stars, when i got through the game I went back in and using the guide I beat that S.O.B in pretty much record time for me – 6 hours start to end collecting every item and reconing the whole map.

On the whole I would wholeheartedly recommend the guide for anyone from Noob to mid range player, Obviously if you’re the 10th prestige rambo type you’re not gonna be wanting this, but it’s still a good thing to have to hand just in case you meet your match.

The guide is on sale now with an rrp of £13, but you can pick it up much cheaper from Amazon.

Many thanks to the guys at DK/Bradygames for providing a preview copy for us to review.

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