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Gamespotuk Battlefield 3 Event – Lowdown

Last Night WarpedGamer was lucky enough to attend an Exclusive 100 place Battlefield 3 Event run by Gamespotuk, Where we were treated to some of the levels in the SP and a fair few of the Maps in the MP….Lucky us eh!

First up the setting was cool The Royal Society of the Arts vaults, A fab venue, There was a  great atmosphere and drinks and food were provided throughout the 3 hour event.

We were playing PS3 release copies of the game and I saw no bugs, no falling through ground, no weirdness everything ran smooth and well. We started by getting the first 2 or 3 rounds of SP which IMO  are easy and a nice welcome into the game for those not upto date with the series. It was pretty much follow, shoot ,blow up, defuse bomb, kill snipers and defend your team. The graphics and gameplay ran really well and everything looked stunning. The guys from DICE and EA were very protective and wouldn’t let us past the 3rd level which ended in an airlift by a massive twin rotor heliplane. We then had to let someone else start the game from the beginning. It was then announced that we would be starting MP soon and boy were we ready!

The EA guy had some real problems getting us a server set up he was phoning DICE and it transpired that the intended server never appeared, Some of us had already done a server search and got in some official DICE servers, lol, After a quick call to DICE we were told we had a free reign to do what we wanted and go where we wanted I headed off to Caspian border conquest …….

After spawning straight into a jet, easy to fly if you pro in warhawk or have played the Hawx game series, I took off and flew around getting my bearings then had to find out how to turn 3rd person on (que me leaving jet mid-flight) death. I respawned into a jet again and was off. I felt the map was to big for 24 players probably about the size of Heavy Metal in BFBC2 but  it felt  a little empty and lots of running  is to be done on ground to find anyone or anything but there are plentiful vehicles so that outweighs the negatives on this map.

Grand Bazaar and Op Metro are good semi close maps and feel great with destruction there’s a Dock level which is nice, You attack from ships at sea via the amphibious vehicles and boats and it to feels very close and easy to get to grips with.

Tanks are great you can spawn into them at base’s and they have a nifty turbo boost which is useful for quick evasion of shells, Jeeps and Buggys are very  good and on the sea levels there are amphibious vehicles.

The choppers are way cool but there’s a mini one which is an absolute bugger to fly its very twitchy but the guns are epic  for mowing down anything vaguely resembling a troop and even against some of the vehicles.

The points system is much better, getting points for taking a base to neutral and more for getting a base up for your team, which is a very welcome upgrade from the previous points system. The visuals are great on multiplayer and as said I had no issues with glitches or weapons hit detection and thank god we didn’t see much prone or spawn camping going on but we were playing dice devs themselves so we did quite well to take a round or 2.

The server system is great, its very easy to find a server you can search by name type friends or just browse, its just so simple and will make finding the right server for you an absolute breeze.

We were pleased to see that despite a few issues appearing in the Beta, The final release of the game is a very polished affair with stunning visuals and mechanics to match. We know gamers are going to love this, We certainly did.

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