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For the love of Lara

Since the announcement came last year that Lara Croft would be returning I have been somewhat excited.

One of my greatest gaming memory’s was sitting in front of my PS1 non stop for almost 16 hours glued to the original Tomb raider game, the mix of action with sometimes quite dumbfounding puzzles has kept me glued to the series since then. Even when Angel of Darkness effectively shat on the experience I stayed firm in my belief that Lara would never be beaten.

Then along came Nathan Drake, who to me was Lara post Op with shiny new visuals, I wanted to hate the Uncharted series, but they seemed to show the way that Tomb Raider needed to go in terms of both visuals and gameplay and I grew to love them too.

Now Judging from the latest trailer for next years Lara Croft adventure the game developers have taken long and heavy notes from Naughty Dog’s gaming blockbuster.

The first scenes of the trailer show footage shown last year. A young bruised and battered Lara hanging upside down in an underground cave trying to free herself. Then she falls to the ground and  there’s a series of explosions and she eventually makes her way out only to find a massive shipwreck.

The new trailer then picks up from last year’s offering and showcases some quite lush visuals and  plenty of in-game footage some of which is playable. Lara, alone on an island after being shipwrecked is surrounded dense forest. She finds a bow and kills a deer for food. Gradually she makes her way through the jungle and  comes across another girl who recognises her from the ship, but is taken hostage immediately by presumably not very nice chaps. What follows is Lara trying to escape and  being helped by a few fellow shipwreck survivors. Things turn and twist and Lara is taken captive by a strange man in the woods as she tries to make a desperate escape. There’s a quite cinematic looking sequence of fights and waterfall jumps culminating in a plane crash and Lara making the bold statement “I hate tombs”.

The trailer ends with our girl crashing down a slope and then hanging from a cliff before the date March 5th 2013 appears.

God I’m looking forward to this game…..

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