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Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Review

Once again the guys behind the best gaming strategy guides on the planet have brought us a superior and somewhat collectible guide for one of this years huge PC game releases – Diablo 3.  As before there are a myriad of websites offering you help and information but none have the connection to the game and the sheer quality of information and presentation that you will find in the Bradygames guides. The guide is more a labour of love than a finger-pointing map book it’s a 450 page invaluable insight into the world of Diablo 3.

Yes yes I know you’re all screaming “how do you produce a guide for a game in which the dungeons are totally Random”. Well in truth this is not so much a guide to help you through tunnels and passages, what this guide will do however is give you an overview of the game areas via nice little diary/log pieces and beautiful drawings and visuals.

From the first page ( a great world of Diablo Timeline) you know this guide is a treat, carefully detailing every class, every skill and every upgrade you will gain within the game. All of this is done with wonderful presentation and very in-depth diagrams,pictures and illustrations.

Then its on the quest guide section which provides much-needed tips and information on the lands and castles in the form of Explorers journals giving insight and knowledge you will need to complete each section.

Then its on to the crafting, loot and equipment sections, pretty self-explanatory but every pickup in the game is detailed here as well as how you can use it or upgrade it into more formidable weaponry.

The bestiary and monster ranks sections give an invaluable insight into every creature and dungeon dweller of all types and variations whatever level you are playing at, it also explains their methods of attack and how you can defeat them.

All in all it’s a wonderful guide and indeed a collectible that Bradygames have produced here, If you have the game you need the guide. Its available on iTunes aswell as in traditional form And lucky for you, We here at Warpedgamer are giving you the chance to win a physical copy of the guide.

Simply drop us a line at Admin@warpedgamer.co.uk telling us which class of hero you would be and why.

We’ll pick a winner from the hat and hey presto the guide’s yours. You have until June 25th 2012 to enter.

If however you want the guide sooner or arent a lucky type then pop over to Amazon where the guide is available now.

Many thanks to the guys at DK/Bradygames for providing us with a review copy of the guide.

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