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Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Review

Once again the guys behind the best gaming strategy guides on the planet have brought us a superior and somewhat collectible guide for one of this years huge PC game releases – Diablo 3.  As before there are a myriad of websites offering you help and information but none have the connection to the game and the sheer quality of
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Motorstorm RC – A quick Review

The Motorstorm series has long been a huge Playstation stalwart, offering excellent gameplay, Impressive visuals and most of all, out-and-out car wrecking racing havoc filled fun. The latest offering Motorstrom RC will not disappoint. Developed primarily for the outstanding PsVita handheld but also functioning just as superbly on the PS3, MS RC propels you headlong into just about the most addictive little
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Batman: Arkham City Strategy Guide – Review

If Arkham Asylum was anything to go by, Arkham City and The Riddler are going to make your life very very tough. Luckily for you the guys over at Brady Games have cracked the city wide open and are standing here ready to hold your trembling hand and guide you through every nook and cranny of the vast and challenging world that Rocksteady and Warner
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Modern Warfare 3 Strategy Guide – Review

These days when a game is released, if it’s a sure-fire winner then Bradygames guides aren’t far behind it, In fact in the case of MW3 the guide appeared on my desk before the game did. And as usual the guide is more in-depth than any website could hope to be and is THE must have book if you want to get
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Rocksteady Arkham City Community Event – Lowdown

For the past week or so Batmans faithful butler Alfred has been rewarding us on the website with clues, riddles and freebies, The most sought after of which were invites to an exclusive Rocksteady community event celebrating the launch of the quite stunning Batman: Arkham City. WarpedGamer was one of around 50 lucky attendees to this event and here for
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