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My E3 Highlights

Like many gamers I have spent the past couple of days sitting with baited breath in front of the pc, waiting to be wowed. Microsofts offerings were for me pretty disappointing, I honestly expected more perhaps even a big confirmation at the end that a new console was at the very least in development. Alas it was not to be, even the games
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tomb raider

For the love of Lara

Since the announcement came last year that Lara Croft would be returning I have been somewhat excited. One of my greatest gaming memory’s was sitting in front of my PS1 non stop for almost 16 hours glued to the original Tomb raider game, the mix of action with sometimes quite dumbfounding puzzles has kept me glued to the series since then.
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Battlefield 925x300

Dice Reveals New Battlefield 3 DLC

DICE and EA have today unveiled three new DLC packs for Battlefield 3 due this year. Personally for me these packs can’t come soon enough, the game was starting to grow stale. After enduring months of no in-game comms, thankfully now patched, I was getting fed up with this title and began moving on from the series. The DLC will be spread
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Arkham City Nightwing Video, and Robin DLC dated

Warner Bros has released a new Batman: Arkham City trailer giving us a peek at the first Arkham city DLC due featuring Nightwing, and they have also dated the Robin downloadable content on both Xbox and PSN.  The video shows Dick Grayson aka Nightwing dealing out batman style beating to thugs. The content will include Nightwing, and a host of special gadgets and moves,
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LittleBigPlanet Launches Uncharted Sackboy content

With the launch of Uncharted 3 just days away, The guys at have announced a nice little bundle of Drake stuff for you to wrap your sackboy up in and decorate your Pod. Launching on 2nd November the Pack includes: Nathan Drake Hair Nathan Drake Trousers Nathan Drake Scarf Nathan Drake Skin Nathan Drake Top A selection of Uncharted
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